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Bear Blocks Pushup Bars - Safe Push Up Exercise Equipment - Push Up Stands Perfect for Home Gym & Traveling Fitness - Lightweight, Non-Slip Bodyweight Training Workouts Blocks (Pink)

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Brand: Bear Blocks

Color: Pink


  • PERFECT PUSHUPS: The unique grip of Bear Blocks Pushup Blocks activate all of the muscles in your arms from their strongest position, starting from the forearm as the stabilizing force and working upwards through the rest of the arm, shoulders and back. This integrates more muscles in your pushups and increases the strength and definition of the muscles in your upper body and abs while protecting your joints from injuries.
  • FLAT PALMS AND RELAXED HANDS: Bar-style push up stands waste strength and force tension up the kinetic chain from the wrists to the shoulders. Bear Blocks Push Up Blocks enable a flat palm with an active, strong grip for reduced strain, a better range of motion, and more reps.
  • BEST QUALITY & SLIP RESISTANT PUSH UP BLOCKS: As exercise equipment, these are made with high quality to give perfect shape and comfort to your body when you are exercising. This is a very effective gym tool for exercise and provides safety to users while doing pushups. Moreover, it can support weight up to 300 lbs on each block.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The Bear Blocks Floor Pushup Blocks are designed to be lightweight and small enough to be easily carried anywhere. Work out without hassle whether you are at your office, home, gym, or a vacation! It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned athlete or a fitness newbie, lay your hands on the Pushup Blocks and get started!
  • EASY TO CARRY: Bear Blocks push up blocks use light and environmentally friendly materials and slide together to make a compact, easy to carry cube.. You can use them at home or you can take themanywhere you want. Go to the gym, the office, or even travel.

Part Number: Bear Blocks

Details: Bear Blocks are a unique patent pending exercise device that protects the wrists from pain and discomfort during push up, planks, and many other bodyweight exercises. Bear Blocks have a wide flat hand surface with a downward angle that reduce strain on the wrist and impingement of the small bones in the wrists.THREE SIMPLE FEATURES:Bear Blocks combine three incredibly simple features that, when combined, make a massive impact on your workouts. ● Downward sloping hand surface to reduce wrist compression● Active gripping action to allow many exercise options● Wide, flat hand surface to distribute body weight.COMFORTABLE HAND SURFACE WITH SUPERIOR GRIP:The sticky rubber grip secures your hands to the surface for a stable, exercise platform regardless of the intensity of your routine. The wide flat surface distributes your body weight across the full width of your palm, eliminating pressure on the palmar nerve from using dumbbells or push up bars.FITTED TOGETHER FOR EASY STORAGE:Bear Blocks are designed to fit together so that they can be easily stored in your home or gym. Beautiful design creates a convenient and efficient storage solution.SPECIFICATIONS:● 4.5 inches wide● Fit together for easy storage● Anti-slip rubber hand surface and feet● Tested up to 300 lbs.● Precise downward angle to improve wrist comfort.BEAR CLAWS FOR MULTIPLE EXERCISES:We’re thinking ahead! Bear Blocks come with what we call “Bear Claws” to make the blocks more versatile. With future enhancements and accessories, you’ll be able to perform a wide variety of exercises with just one device!ANODIZED ALUMINUM BODY:Bear Blocks are made from high quality, anodized aluminum for superior strength, durability, and a pretty awesome look! Designed to accommodate athletes up to 300 lbs., Bear Blocks will become an essential part of your fitness toolkit.

EAN: 0627987074666

Package Dimensions: 5.6 x 4.9 x 4.2 inches

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